Issue 95, February 2011
Alumni volunteers honoured
In conjunction with the Lunar New Year, NTU holds its first Alumni Volunteers’ Appreciation Dinner to recognise the various voluntary contributions made by alumni.

Today, the University has close to 3,500 alumni volunteers. Hailed from NTU’s predecessor institutions, Nanyang University and Nanyang Technological Institute, they contribute time, effort and expertise to their alma mater.

Indeed, the NTU Alumni Volunteers’ Appreciation Dinner held in their honour marks a rare occasion where the new and old members of the big Nanyang alumni family could come together under one roof.

Cultivation of alumni
Highlighting the importance of nurturing alumni volunteerism in his welcome address, NTU President Dr Su Guaning, said: “A well established tradition of giving back is the result of having spent much time cultivating their alumni. NTU, being relatively young compared to institutions like Princeton, has in recent years intensified its own efforts to engage our alumni.”

Among the many volunteering opportunities created by the University are serving in the committees of NTU alumni associations here and abroad; acting as Class Agents; helping to recruit students for NTU; sharing of expertise; and serving as class reunion committee members to reunite fellow alumni.

“Thanks to the vigilant efforts of Class Agents, we have been able to maintain regular contact with 85 per cent of our alumni. Given the University’s large base of over 145,000 alumni, this figure is certainly significant,” noted Dr Su, pointing out that more than half of the total number of NTU alumni volunteers are Class Agents.

Apart from Guest-of-Honour Dr Su, the dinner was graced by Prof Freddy Boey, Provost-Designate; Prof Lam Khin Yong, Associate Provost (Graduate Education & Special Projects); Mr Jeffrey Nadison, Associate Provost for Innovation; Mr Chew Kheng Chuan, Chief University Advancement Officer; and other guests from NTU’s senior management.

Recognition of contributions
To make the dinner more special for a special group of alumni, all present were treated to Lou Hei and a banquet to coincide with Chinese New Year. They were also given a toast onstage by the representatives of NTU’s senior management, to symbolise their alma mater’s recognition of their generous volunteering spirit.

Throughout the evening, alumni were moving from table to table, catching up with old friends and networking.

One of the dinner’s participants, Dr Gan Chui Goh (EEE/Class of 1990), shed light on her involvement as President of NTU Chinese Society Alumni. She said: “NTU is my alma mater and I find joy in being able to contribute back. As I organise various activities for the society, I find my involvement a good way of meeting friends and sharing with them my experiences.”

Urging more alumni to come forward to volunteer, Ms Zhang Peifei (SCE/Class of 2010) said: “I encourage those from the younger generation to be actively involved in alumni activities and to give back to our alma mater. I am certainly glad to be invited to the appreciation dinner and mostly, to be given recognition by my peers and alma mater.”

The appreciation dinner was organised by NTU’s Alumni Affairs Office. Held on Tuesday 15 February, at the Crystal Ballroom of Holiday Inn Singapore, Orchard City Centre, it saw the participation of 256 alumni and guests.

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