Issue 109, April 2012
Applauding the volunteering spirit
NTU celebrates alumni generosity through an appreciation dinner for its alumni volunteers

Jim Lim, who graduated from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 1999, is a familiar face at initiatives organised by the Alumni Affairs Office (AAO). Apart from attending major events like the annual homecoming organised for alumni to return to their alma mater, Jim also sat in the interview panel for the selection of students receiving bursaries in 2009. The busy director of sales engineering at Amdocs Ltd and part-time Global MBA student finds time out of his hectic schedule to ‘give back’ to his alma mater. 

“I was active in the NTU Students' Union and stayed in the hostel during my university days. I enjoyed my time on campus and made many good friends. The education I received in NTU also provided me with a good foundation for my career. Hence, I wish to contribute to my alma mater. Hopefully I’ll meet more like-minded alumni volunteers through volunteering,” Jim shares, when asked of his motivations for contributing back to NTU.

The active alumnus was also the Class Chairperson representing the cohort of 1999 in the combined class reunion celebration AAO organised for ten classes in 2009. “It was a great experience serving as the Class Chairperson. I hoped that by volunteering, I played my part in contributing to the reunion’s success. No doubt, finding time to volunteer is a challenge, especially in the face of balancing work, life, family and studies. However, if our efforts are appreciated, I believe more volunteers will come forward,” Jim says.

Alumni like Jim, who give generously of their time, talent and resources, are the ambassadors of the University. In their different capacities and through numerous ways, they have served their alma mater and carried forward the good name of their university. The volunteering spirit of NTU’s 2200 local alumni volunteers were applauded and given thanks to at an appreciation dinner held at the Joy Garden restaurant on 13 April this year. The dinner was attended by 263 alumni and guests. Professor Kam Chan Hin, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education was amongst some of the evening’s distinguished guests.

President Bertil Andersson, who was Guest-of-Honour for that night, gave a memorable speech in praise and appreciation of the generosity and dedication of the University’s alumni volunteers. He likened NTU to a great tree with its alumni body being the far-reaching root system that keeps it upright, providing nourishment for the tree to grow to greater heights.

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