October 2016 | Issue 26
Introducing the new MedSoc ExCo

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By Richard Chan, Class of 2020 and MedSoc President

As we usher in the aspiring medical doctors from the Class of 2021, we also welcome the newly elected Executive Committee (ExCo) of the Students’ Medical Society (MedSoc). The ExCo, comprising students at various stages of their medical education, represents the entire student body of LKCMedicine. This year, the ExCo consists of six members, one more than the previous year.

With the addition of the newly created Vice President position, the ExCo is well placed to meet the ever-increasing needs of LKCMedicine students. I’m the current President. Having served in the previous ExCo as the Honorary Treasurer in Academic Year (AY) 2015-16, I bring experience as well as continuity to lead the ExCo to greater heights. 

Assisting me is Delwyn Lim, a Year 4 student. Delwyn was selected by the five ExCo members to serve as Vice President. He brings with him a wealth of experience, as well as invaluable insight being from the pioneer batch of LKCMedicine students.

Taking charge of events and welfare are Edgar Yeo and Koo Jian Hui respectively, both Year 2 students. They will serve as Directors of their respective portfolios, bringing excitement and vibrancy to the student life at LKCMedicine.

Andrea Ng, also a Year 2 student, is the newly elected Honorary General Secretary. Last but not least, we have Ashwin S/O Singaram, the newly elected Honorary Treasurer, and also the only member of the ExCo from the Class of 2021. 

Good chemistry is certainly abundant in the ExCo, with Edgar, Jian Hui and Andrea being founding members of Project Naykaung, an Overseas Community Involvement Project initiative to Myanmar, which was initiated in 2015.

The aims of the newly elected ExCo are simple: to build on the strong foundations that previous ExCos have left and to cater to the ever-changing needs of a rapidly expanding student population. One area that is important to the MedSoc is the strengthening of academic support for all students. This year marks the debut of the Academic, Research and Careers Heads, who will cater to the various aspects of medical students’ academic concerns. Research and Careers, in particular, are areas where students’ interest is rapidly increasing as the pioneer batch heads towards the final year of study. The formalisation of these areas of interest into portfolios will help focus the efforts of the MedSoc to better benefit the student population.

The MedSoc also aims to further improve the integration of all batches of students as OneLKC through improvements in the student life programme. With the new Clinical Sciences Building, and the dedication of an entire floor to students, the MedSoc is well placed to refine current events as well as initiate new ones that appeal broadly to students across different years. Cross-committee collaboration within the MedSoc will become commonplace in the future, adding depth and significance to initiatives being planned. Students can also look forward to designing their own house rooms, as part of MedSoc’s commitment to empower students to positively impact their experience at LKCMedicine.

As the new ExCo takes charge for the AY2016-17, we would like to thank the previous ExCo for laying excellent groundwork for our future plans. We would also like to express our gratitude and appreciation to LKCMedicine faculty and all students for their enthusiastic support of the MedSoc. We can all look forward to an exciting year ahead.

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Introducing the 2016/2017 MedSoc Committee (from left to right): Andrea Ng, Edgar Yeo, Delwyn Lim, Richard Chan, Koo Jian Hui, Aswin S/O Singaram