Issue 88, July 2010
Sweet delight
Participants learn how to make ice-cream at home, at a workshop held for the first time by NTU's Alumni Affairs Office.

Yes, simple ice-cream can be made right at home without the need for expensive household appliances. All you need are ice, milk, cream, flavourings, sugar and most importantly, air. And even salt!

When told that salt is needed to make ice-cream at home, many participants were confused. Why the need for salt in a sweet delight?

“If you do not have an ice-cream maker at home, then without salt, you will never get ice-cream,” said Mr David Yim, the Chief Milkman at Udders, where the workshop was held. Mr Yim, an NIE alumnus, explained that salt is crucial in lowering the freezing point of ice to make it cold enough to freeze ice-cream.

The cool tip was one of many dished out at the Ice-cream Workshop-cum-Ice-cream Buffet, organised for the first time by the Alumni Affairs Office.

More awe
More surprises were in store.

Alumni saw how a mixture of cream, milk and sugar, magically transformed into frozen ice-cream, with the help of a salt-and-ice mixture. And all of this happening right before their eyes at room temperature without the need for a freezer or ice-cream making appliance.

Flavourful buffet
The participants at the workshop had something else to look forward to after their successful ice-cream-making attempt.

They were able to indulge their sweet tooth in an all-you-can-eat buffet. No time was wasted in sampling all the unique flavours available. The range of liqueur ice-cream flavours is Udders’ unique selling point, as they have an intensity, which is not found in other brands. 

The ‘D24 Durian’ flavour was a hit! While some gushed about the ‘Snickers Mars Honeycomb Vanilla’ flavour, others swooned over the ‘ChocMarshTM’.

Alumna Christina Liew, from the Class of 1995, attended the workshop with her husband, Lee Soo Khoon, who is also an alumnus, and their two sons. Ms Liew said: "What I loved about the workshop was how hands-on it was. My two sons, Don Lee, 11, and Shawn Lee, 9, loved the experience. Their favourite moment was getting to eat their "self-made" ice-cream!"

Several alumni purchased pints of their favourite flavours, for indulgence at home.

As many as 40 participants, including alumni, their families and friends, signed up for the workshop conducted by home-grown ice-cream chain, Udders. It was held on 3 July, at Udders’ Kilat outlet.

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