Issue 86, May 2010
Getting together for a good time
NTU’s Malaysian alumni enjoy a “Waltz of Memories” at their annual dinner gathering.

Some 300 NTU Malaysian alumni who are working or living in Singapore got together for the NTU Malaysian Alumni Dinner get-together.

What has turned into an annual affair, the get-together was jointly organised by the NTU Malaysian Students’ Association, NTU Association of Malaysian Chinese Independent School Alumni and NTU Alumni Affairs Office (AAO).

"Waltz of Memories"
Participants were treated to a full repertoire of programmes lined up in the name of the theme of the evening – “Waltz of Memories”.

Among the highlights were performances like a cappella, the comedic routine of the dancing “dwarfs”, and a percussion rendition à la “Storm”. These were put up by several NTU Malaysian undergraduates who volunteered.

The evening turned nostalgic when video clips of campus days were displayed, bringing on much laughter. Alumni were exchanging anecdotes of the good times they once shared.

The more, the merrier
Mr Chew Kheng Chuan, Chief University Advancement Officer, who was Guest-of-Honour at the Malaysian Alumni Dinner get-together, revealed in his welcome address that Malaysian alumni were a significant proportion in the number of international alumni NTU has.

Of the 20 per cent international alumni NTU has from a total alumni population of 134,000, more than 11,300, or 8 per cent, were alumni from Malaysia, he added.

AAO Director Mr Soon Min Yam also took the opportunity to update alumni on upcoming activities they could take part in. He also shared with all present the University’s 55th anniversary and encouraged them to join in the celebratory events being held throughout the year.

With prizes sponsored by AAO, a lucky draw was held to round up the evening.

The NTU Malaysian Alumni Dinner was an occasion not just for the alumni. Their juniors – Malaysian undergraduates in their final year – also joined in the dinner get-together. It was held on 20 March at Nanyang Auditorium, NTU.

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