August 2013|ISSUE 7
A Constant State of Innovation

By Dr Jason Maroothynaden

Harnessing technology to enhance learning is one of the cornerstones of the LKCMedicine educational experience. Our specially designed on-line learning ecosystem comprising iLKC, iLecture and iFolio, is continuously being improved upon to ensure our students enjoy and benefit optimally from using it.

An example is our collaboration with local and international research partners in the research, development and implementation of supplementary eLearning tools in the form of software such as iPad apps and hardware like multi-touch table devices.

Simulated Patient in action

In addition, much thought and testing has gone behind our Team-Based Learning pedagogy. Not only does it encourage our students to engage in collaborative discussions, it also helps them develop a deep understanding of the scientific basis of medicine whilst fostering communication and critical thinking skills.

What about developing the conditions for an enhanced foundation in clinical practice?

Besides the Integrated Clinical Practice Course and Long-Term Patient Project, there is extensive use of innovative simulation in collaboration with our clinical partners so that our students will be exposed to real or simulated (in part or whole) clinical experiences.

With our innovations, constant improvements and exciting new developments, the LKCMedicine MBBS programme promises to be one of the most cutting-edge learning experiences available.