August 2015 | Issue 19


The growing meaning of our collaboration



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​By Paul Ratcliffe

Deputy Director of Education Management, Imperial Faculty of Medicine 
It is hard to believe that our first students have left the classroom and entered their clinical years. They say time flies when you are having fun, so we must have had a lot of fun! Reflecting on the last few years, I have begun to realise what collaboration means.

It is much more than the agreement – it is meeting fantastic new colleagues, having the opportunity to work in a different culture and environment, and to truly collaborate, share ideas and best practice and work hard together to make something really special that we can all be proud of.

The collaboration has also sparked off many new projects and opportunities. Colleagues here have shown great interest in the Team-Based Learning pedagogy and several courses across Imperial’s MBBS and Biomedical Science programmes have begun trialling this. We will also introduce the use of tablet technology much more widely across our undergraduate programmes for both clinical and non-clinical education.

Paul Ratcliffe showed LKCMedical Society President Ryan Chen around the London Office during his recent visit to Imperial

Earlier in the year, we welcomed a delegation of our clinical and administrative colleagues from LKCMedicine and Tan Tock Seng Hospital to London for an extremely intensive week. The objective of the visit was for the respective speciality ​leads from Singapore to meet their Imperial counterparts and discuss the curriculum. We, in the London Office, have just started planning the next visit, scheduled for November when we welcome the Year 4 speciality leads to get to know and collaborate with their counterparts.

Another new opportunity for collaboration is between our respective medical schools’ students. I recently had the pleasure of welcoming Ryan Chen, the LKCMedicine Medical Society President, to the London Office and showed him what we do and introduced him to some of my clinical academic colleagues in the team who were busy working on the Year 4 curriculum. Ryan also met Tom Wheeler, the Imperial College Student Union President, and Dariush Hassanzadeh-Baboli, the School of Medicine Students’ Union President.

Over the coming months, we will explore how medical students at Imperial and LKCMedicine can collaborate between the Schools and with each other. There are a number of suggestions in the pipeline and I look forward to yet another aspect of the collaboration coming to fruition.