June 2013| ISSUE 6
LKCMedicine’s First Research Attachment Student 

For the first time, LKCMedicine has admitted a student to participate in its research attachment programme. The foreign exchange student Srinivasan Sakthivel from Bharathidasan University, India whose primary research interests are in human genetics and biomedicine, will learn more about neuroimaging under the supervision of LKCMedicine’s Senior Research Fellow Dr Parasuraman Padmanabhan for two months.

The two-month attachment will provide the final-year Masters of Technology student with hands-on experience and will give him the opportunity to learn more about the research industry here. Srinivasan’s excellent track record includes being selected for an eight-month research programme at the University of Aarhus, Denmark. It was his positive attitude for learning and academic accolades that convinced Dr Parasuraman to take Srinivasan under his wing at LKCMedicine.

Dr Parasuraman with Srinivasan (standing)

“Through this research attachment, Srinivasan will learn the principles of molecular imaging and how biotechnology will come into the picture,” says Dr Parasuraman who believes that the attachment will add value to Srinivisan's career.

Dr Parasuraman adds, “We are happy to accept someone who is enthusiastic to work on a research field that happens to be one of the focus areas of LKCMedicine. We are always keen to develop young people’s appetite for research as a career.” 

Srinivasan says, “I am excited that I'm getting more exposure in Singapore and my plan is to do my doctorate studies with LKCMedicine in the future.”