Issue 99, June 2011
For the love of durians
Durian fans cross the causeway for a sumptuous fruit buffet at a farm in Desaru.

Close to 140 alumni, together with their friends and family, set off for Malaysia for the annual durian buffet at Desaru Fruit Farm, organised by the Alumni Affairs Office on 18 June.

Boarding bright and early from the NTU campus, they crossed the causeway and stopped by an ostrich farm before proceeding to the fruit farm. Here they saw more than 100 ostriches of various ages, ranging from one-day old chicks to seven-year old breeders. After shopping for some souvenirs at the ostrich farm, and having their lunch, the participants headed to the Desaru Fruit Farm.

Arriving at the fruit farm, they visited an agriculture gallery and also saw some vegetable and herb gardens. But the best part of the entire trip was the free flow durian treat, which was something all of them were waiting for eagerly. Tucking into kampong durians in the natural environment, the party was also treated to an array of tropical fruits.

After having their fill of durians and fruits, it was time for some shopping at Jusco Tebrau City, a popular mall in Johor Bahru, followed by a delicious dinner. The travellers took the opportunity to take more photographs with fellow alumni and friends, and hopped onto their respective buses, carrying home bags of shopping, delicious fruits and other goodies from their one-day trip.

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