August 2016 | Issue 25
Students flock to LKCMedicine's admissions and career talks

This year, more than 600 aspiring medical students from junior colleges (JCs) and polytechnics attended LKCMedicine’s school outreach activities in July.

The outreach activities kicked off with LKCMedicine engaging students at the Raffles Institution Scholarship & Career Fair and the National Junior College Career Fair on 13 July, followed by a series of school talks and visits between 18 to 22 July.

Admissions Asst Dean-small.jpgAdmissions small.jpg 
LKCMedicine Assistant Dean for Admissions Assoc Prof Kwek Tong Kiat gives a talk about admission to the School; and students from 20 schools were hosted by LKCMedicine at the School's Novena campus for talks

Over the course of the week, LKCMedicine faculty, staff and students, met and hosted students from 26 schools, JCs and polytechnics all over Singapore as well as at the School’s Novena campus.

These talks, which are part of LKCMedicine’s ongoing outreach programme, are an excellent opportunity for aspiring medical students to interact with and quiz faculty, staff and students about the School’s innovative curriculum, admissions process, and how they can ace the BioMedical Admissions Test and Multiple Mini Interviews.

HCI bio lecture (Custom).jpgP3 - Assistant Director of (Custom).JPG
LKCMedicine faculty, staff and students engaged prospective medical students through lectures and at career fairs

In addition to the school talks, Assistant Dean for Year 5 Associate Professor Tham Kum Ying gave a talk about how medical ethics and professionalism are taught at LKCMedicine to a group of 350 students at Hwa Chong Institution on 20 July.

The series of outreach activities ended on a high with LKCMedicine attracting a lot of attention at the annual ONE ACS Career Forum on 30 July.

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LKCMedicine students tell aspiring medical students all about life as an LKCMedicine student