February 2017 | Issue 28
LKCMedicine PhD by Research programme well underway

On 4 January 2016, LKCMedicine welcomed its third cohort of PhD by Research students with an orientation programme held at the Experimental Medicine Building (EMB) at NTU. This year, the School inducted 12 PhD students who come from a wide range of backgrounds, spanning from biological science and biochemistry to public health, medicine and surgery.

PhD - third cohort.jpg
LKCMedicine welcomes its third cohort of PhD by Research students

The students were first welcomed and introduced to the School by Assistant Dean for Research and Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology Fabian Lim, who emphasised the important role they play at the School. He said, “The PhD students form a very important part of the research community and part of the energy within it.”

Graduate Programmes Assistant Director Ms Zhong Meifang followed this with an overview on the curriculum, giving students an insight into what to expect in the coming years. They may choose to complete the programme within three to four years.

PhD - AD Research.jpgPhD - Mei Fang.jpg
L-R: Assistant Dean for Research Associate Professor Fabian Lim welcomes and introduces the School to the PhD students; Graduate Programmes Assistant Director Ms Zhong Meifang provides an overview of the curriculum

During their time at the School, students will be pursuing research that addresses the School's key and cross-cutting research themes including metabolic disorders, infections and immunity, neuroscience and mental health, dermatology and skin biology, as well as health systems and population health.

“What I like about the PhD by Research programme is the lab rotations, which will allow me to learn more about different areas and find out what I like most,” said Ms Gillian Gough, who will be working on childhood leukaemia in Down syndrome under the guidance of LKCMedicine Professor of Molecular Medicine Dean Nizetic.

After the curriculum overview, Health & Safety Senior Assistant Manager Mr Sowpati Jayaker presented on laboratory safety matters. The orientation programme ended with a tour of the research facilities at EMB led by Research Operations & Laboratory Assistant Manager Ms Winnie Tay.


PhD - Health and Safety.jpgPhD - tour.jpg 
L-R: Health and Safety
Senior Assistant Manager Mr Sowpati Jayaker presents on laboratory safety matters; Research Operations and Laboratory Assistant Manager  Ms Winnie Tay leads a tour of the research facilities at EMB

With the orientation over, the PhD students are now looking forward to starting work on their research projects. New PhD student Dr Yew Yik Weng, who is also a consultant at the National Skin Centre, said, “I was attracted to this programme because of my collaborator, who eventually became my supervisor in this programme. So I'm really looking forward to my interactions with the faculty, as well as fellow PhD students.”

Dr Yew will be investigating the disease prevalence and risk factor associations of atopic dermatitis in adults under the supervision of LKCMedicine Visiting Professor John Chambers.