Issue 105, December 2011
Baking for Christmas
Alumni and their families learn to make Christmas goodies at a workshop

With Christmas just round the corner, close to 20 alumni and their family members learnt all about baking the perfect Christmas log cake and assorted chocolates. Whilst some found baking a little too tedious, the chef at Creative Culinaire The School Pte Ltd explained that it can be easy, if one follows the basic steps and picks up a few tricks of the trade.

Demonstrating the steps for baking a Christmas log cake, chocolate rochers with almond, and tea truffles, the chef also shared tips on how to get the best results in baking. “To make a good chiffon cake base for the log cake, you must separate the egg whites and yolks and blend them separately before putting them in with the other ingredients. Only then will the air be released and you will have a firm cake base,” she said.

After carefully rolling their chiffon cakes into swiss rolls and refrigerating them, alumni participants decorated them with cream and completed their log cakes with pretty Christmas cake decorations. They were seen comparing one another’s log cake decorations, with a three-year-old boy who attended the workshop with his mother, showcasing his masterpiece to the rest.

That morning, alumni also learnt that ingredients for chocolate rochers with almonds had to be mixed quickly because melted chocolate hardens fast in room temperature.

The finished products held everyone in awe, and alumni wasted no time in tasting their Christmas goodies.
The workshop for NTU alumni was organised by the Alumni Affairs Office (AAO) and was held on Saturday, 17 December 2011.

AAO regularly organises cooking and baking workshops for alumni. Keep a look out for the next one where you learn the art of baking Chinese New Year goodies.

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