April 2013|ISSUE 5
Visit by Professor Irvine and Professor McLean

By Dr Andrew Ang

The school had identified dermatology and skin biology research as one of the priority areas in which to develop a thematic research programme. To assist the school in formulating a strategic approach to develop excellence in this field, the school recently hosted Professor Alan Irvine, Professor of Human Genetics and Head of the Division of Molecular Medicine at the College of Life Sciences,University of Dundee, and Professor Irwin McLean, Professor of Dermatology at Trinity College Dublin, Consultant Dermatologist Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital and St. James’s Hospital Dublin Ireland. They have been invited here to study opportunities  in the local research ecosystem for further development of dermatology research.

From left to right: Executive Director of IMB A*STAR Professor Birgit Lane, Senior Consultant of NSC Dr Mark Tang, Dean of LKCMedicine Professor Dermot Kelleher, Professor Alan Irvine and Professor Irwin McLean

Professor Irvine and Professor McLean visited Singapore on March 11 to 13 and had meetings with the National Skin Centre (NSC) , Institute of Medical Biology and Biomedical Research Council at A*STAR as well as the National Medical Research Council.  A key outcome of the study trip was the identification of the unique opportunity for Singapore to further develop research excellence in dermatology made possible through the confluence of the existing high international standards of dermatology research, availability of funding and high volume of skin patient resource.

As part of the visit, Professor Irvine and Professor McLean delivered a lecture at the National Skin Centre on 12 March 2013. The lecture titled “From the Rare to the Common: Two Decades of Clinician Scientist Collaboration in Genetic Skin Disease” was well received by the local clinical and research community.