August 2016 | Issue 25
Top tips for new students









Four awesome things about your library:

  • Accessible 24/7 with student card
  • Most of your textbooks are online
  • Medline is your friend
  • When you’re at NTU, the Lee Wee Nam Library has a medical collection and textbooks in the Reserves Section

Top tips from a librarian:

  • Search more than just Google
  • Ask your librarian. We’re always ready to help!

Need something the library doesn’t have?

  • Use the Document Delivery Service for journal articles
  • For books, let us know and we can buy an e- or hard copy



In Focus - 4 teams to know - The Student Life Team (l-r) Quili, Leonard, Ivis and Hui Yee (Custom).JPG 

Student Life & Services
Telephone: 6592 3814 (Yunnan) / 6592 3861 (Novena)









The SLS team…
is committed to supporting you and ensuring your wellbeing during your learning journey at LKCMedicine.

Three top tips for students:

  • Leave of absence: complete the form with supporting documents and email it to us or drop it off at the Student Services Hub
  • Financial assistance: the School offers bursaries to financially needy students. Information is available on our website
  • Scanning attendance: scan your NRIC, driver’s licence or EZlink card at the scanner outside the classroom

You can also get these from SLS:

  • Name tags
  • White coats
  • Lab coats

Did you know… SLS can put you in touch with pastoral care services offered by the School’s House System and NTU Student Wellbeing Centre.

In Focus - 4 teams to know - The Laboratory team (Custom).JPG










Top five dos and don’ts in the lab:

  • No eating and drinking! It’s a biological and chemical wet lab
  • Wear lab coats
  • No slippers
  • “Do not touch” means exactly that!
  • Treat the plastinated specimens with respect and handle them gently – they are all donated human bodies and body parts!
Top tip to get the most out of your practical... read the practical guide before class, so you don’t waste time and resources during the lesson.

Hidden gem... make use of our wifi-enabled camera microscopes to capture images for keepsakes.
Did you know... our teaching lab is a hybrid lab that is used for science practicals and clinical applications.

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E-Learning and IT Systems & Services
Telephone: 6592 3810  









Top three troubleshooting solutions:

  • Forgot password: call 6790 4357 or register your handphone number with StudentLink to reset it via SMS
  • Can’t access NTU wifi: make sure your password is updated
  • School iPad apps don’t work: check for latest versions online and check your time zone is set to Singapore (GMT+8)

Top tips to get the most out of your e-learning:

  • You’ve only completed TBL assessments on iLAMS, when you’ve reached the congratulations page
  • Check your TBL resources regularly, sometimes content experts update information
  • Remember to sync your iFolio assessments when you’ve got connectivity, so that they are submitted on time
  • Make your NTU email account your default account
  • If you can’t log into the e-learning system, try clearing your browser cache
  • The e-learning system works best on Chrome and mobile Safari

Did you know:

  • Your iPad comes with Apple Care+ and two-year warranty
  • For repairs covered by Apple Care+, contact Sapura Global directly
  • If you lose your iPad or it is stolen, make a police report
  • Wait before updating your iOS until we let you know that all the School apps have been tested