June 2014 | ISSUE 12
LKCMedicine’s stars light up the night sky

By Julia Ng
House Rep

The inaugural Peanut Butter & Jam (PB&J), a jamming session for students, challenged our students to light up the night sky like shooting stars.

Commandeering their voices, guitars, electric basses, drums, and even cajons, violins, a clarinet and a guzheng; 12 star performances studded the night sky on 9 May 2014.

From left to right: A student mesmerising the audience with her guzheng solo; faculty and staff put up their own rendition of 'Yesterday' by The Beatles

Among the stars was TBL Team 3, under the band name How About No, who took the opportunity to nurture their camaraderie with multiple band practices before delivering a well-rehearsed medley of songs. With Dr Mary Wong's encouragement, faculty and staff also put up an impromptu performance of two ‘oldies’, with Dr Wong on the guitar.

PB&J was punctuated midway with the game segment 'Let Me Take A Selfie... With A Selfie!', where three participants had to strike different selfie poses with a finger sandwich in quick succession. Zi Chuen decided that the floor was hungry and flung the sandwich to the floor; Ming Li executed a split; and no one knew why Ching Han didn't just gobble up the sandwich. It was the night's humour at its best.

Another highlight was LKCMedicine’s very own songstress Weishan, who challenged her vocal range with Stephanie Sun's Ke Bo Le and paired guitarist Delwyn in a duet of Hey Ho. Both the audience and Weishan had their mouths agape – Weishan’s giving voice to celestial melodies; the audience's in rapt admiration.

From left to right: Three 'Let Me Take a Selfie... With A Selfie!' participants; violin trio and clarinetist performing 'Viva la Vida'

The violin trio of Gabriel, Baoxian and Dylan accompanied clarinetist Wee Kiat in a musical articulation of Viva la Vida, their violin bows tugging at our heartstrings till the final note of the night.

Both performers and audience carried a perpetual smile on their faces, interrupted only by squeals of amazement.

As an organiser of our very first PB&J, I'm really satisfied to see that everyone enjoyed themselves. More importantly, the fact that so many people offered to perform for the event just proves how comfortable we are with each other to be willing to risk our egos so that we may share our gift of music with each other. We may be a small cohort, but we are a tight cohort.

That night, we didn’t need to pretend that LKCMedicine students were like shooting stars. Under the luminescent backdrop of the regal headquarters building, our very own talents truly shone brightly throughout the night.