Issue 88, July 2010
NTU re-discovered
The Classes of 1975 and 1980 get re-acquainted with the university decades after they have left the campus.

Artist Peh Eng Kiat (Science/Class of 1975) met some of his classmates for the first time since graduating 35 years ago. Likewise, IT Manager Noor Hayati Ahmad (Commerce/Class of 1980) rubbed shoulders with former class-mates whom she hadn't seen since she graduated 30 years ago from Nanyang University.

They were among the 250 alumni and guests at the reunion of the Classes of 1975 and 1980. The reunion was organised by alumni of the respective class and facilitated by NTU's Alumni Affairs Office. 

A rare gathering of old friends and former faculty members, the reunion took place on Saturday 10 July, at Nanyang Auditorium foyer.

Coming full circle
The Saturday gathering marks the reunion held for all 21 classes of the Nanyang University alumni since its first batch – Class of 1960.

NTU President Dr Su Guaning acknowledged that the reunion of classes would have come one full circle when the latest batch – Class of 2010 – laid their class plaque at the Quad during Convocation. The Quad is a site on campus where the class plaques of the present, past and future graduating classes, are placed.

Dr Su made the remark in his welcome address delivered at the start of the Classes of 1975 and 1980 reunion. He also assured alumni that the Nanyang Lake, which used to be their favourite haunt, would not be “filled up”, as plans were in the pipeline for the expansion of the lake.

The assurance was given in response to the remarks made by Chairman Sim Siok Chye (Science/Class of 1975) and Vice Chairman Tan Yew Beng (Commerce/Class of 1980) of the Combined Reunion Organising Committee. They had highlighted in their opening remarks that the Nanyang Lake was where friendship and even romance had blossomed.

Keeping up
Indeed, alumni who hadn't been back for at least three decades were in awe of the changes at Yunnan Garden campus. They took in all the changes, as they went around on a campus tour.

Alumnus Lee Yeow Khiang (Commerce/Class of 1980) said: “We paid a visit to our old hostel. It now has many new neighbours – new hostels and buildings. The campus is now so huge. During our time, there were only three major schools offering varying disciplines. It is heartening to see that NTU is keeping up with the changing times.”

So they could see more of their alma mater, Ms Lee and nine fellow alumni put up at Nanyang Executive Centre, which provides hotel accommodation on campus. They had the weekend to re-discover their alma mater.

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