Issue 160, July 2016
A journey well travelled
​NTU alumni, including an alumna who travelled from afar, had an enjoyable time at the Alumni Networking Dinner in London

It was a rewarding evening for some 29 attendees including NTU’s senior management and alumni, who attended the NTU Alumni Networking Dinner in London on 28 June 2016 at Hotel Goodenough Club, London House Large Common Room, organised by the NTU Alumni Affairs Office (AAO).

As part of the new initiatives for more effective alumni engagement, AAO will be organising get-togethers for NTU professors and alumni to network when the professors visit various cities for business or academic purposes. It was an opportune time to organise the networking dinner coinciding with Dean of NTU’s College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (CoHASS) Professor Alan Chan's attendance at ​an international conference on humanity in the United Kingdom.

Mr Inderjit Singh (EEE/1985), member of NTU Board of Trustees, was also present to share updates on NTU’s achievements, the reorganisation of AAO and Development Office (DO) under the leadership of NTU’s Vice President for Alumni and Advancement Professor Lee Sing Kong and newly appointed Chief Alumni Officer Mr Guo Sam Nan and Chief Development Officer Mr Victor Tay.

Prof Alan Chan shared on the accomplishments of the young School of HSS, which was established only a decade ago. He highlighted that NTU has become more renowned and more organisations are keen to collaborate with NTU. Mr Guo also gave an update on AAO’s future plans.

Amongst the NTU alumni who attended the dinner, one of them was Ms Samantha Lim Jing Xian (HSS/2014), who ​travelled a total of six hours (three hours from Bristol to London and back) just to attend the NTU Alumni Networking Dinner in London.

Samantha shared: “I knew it was the right thing to do to travel from Bristol for this. I appreciate the opportunity to be in touch with ‘home’. There is always this affinity with NTU which gives me the feeling of familiarity and warmth. I am grateful to the Alumni Affairs Office for organising this heartwarming event and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. I will be glad to contribute to the alumni network, be it in UK or Singapore, when I get back.’’ The strong bond with her alma mater makes it all worthwhile.

The fruitful and meaningful gathering provided attendees an opportunity to network and reminisce their journey with NTU. 

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