Issue 93, December 2010
"Harry Potter" film gets raves
Fans applaud “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1”, shown at our last movie screening for the year. 

First-timers to a movie screening organised by NTU’s Alumni Affairs (AAO), both Ms Pearl Lee Shiqi (NBS/Class of 2010) and Ms Cui Yifang (CEE/Class of 2010) weren’t disappointed.

Ms Lee was thrilled with the screening of the latest “Harry Potter” film. She caught it with fellow “Potter” fans who were more than happy to tag along.

“I came with two of my university mates and two other friends. We are all huge fans. I am glad I came and will look out for future movie screenings organised by AAO,” said Ms Lee.

Ms Cui, who has read the novel of the same name by J. K. Rowling, was as pleased as Punch to have caught the film at the screening, as well. The film, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1”, is the first of two movies based on the author’s seventh and final release.

“The thing I liked about the film is that it stayed true to the novel. I literally saw many of the scenes lifted out from pages of the book in a visually-impactful manner,” said Ms Cui. 

Many had eagerly awaited the latest “Harry Potter” offering and couldn’t believe their luck when they found out that AAO was screening it just for alumni.

Among the alumni movie-goers, there were those who praised the film’s seemingly shift to the dark side, citing the beguiling scenes of “Harry Potter” and friends discovering the shady side of their surreal world.

Although some called it “an entrée before the main course”, Ms Lee, the diehard fan, felt that Part 1 was still “tasty” nonetheless.

The 2½-hour film, directed by David Yates, was screened on Sunday 21 November at GV Vivocity. As many as 273 alumni, family members and staff attended the movie screening.

Alumni can look forward to Part 2, the final Potter movie, which will be out in 3-D next July. Harry, Ron and Hermione will take on Lord Voldemort in the ultimate good versus evil climax. 

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