Issue 92, November 2010
Towards new possibilities
The Cultural Activities Club Alumni Association is a new avenue for talented alumni to extend themselves for the good of fellow members and their alma mater.

One of the university’s largest and most influential student bodies, NTU Cultural Activities Club (CAC), has formed its alumni association.

Strengthening ties and talent
NTU’s Senior Associate Provost, Professor Er Meng Hwa, was Guest-of-Honour at the launch ceremony.

Welcoming the NTU CAC Alumni Association, Prof Er said in his speech: “The set-up will facilitate the strengthening of ties; the CAC "seniors" who have graduated will have the opportunities to collaborate with existing student members in the club, motivated as they are by their shared passion and common interests.”

“I am certain the collaboration between alumni and students will help to nurture the artistic talents on campus, such that NTU will be transformed into an Arts and Cultural hub,” he added. 

The launch ceremony also saw a showcase of talent by former active members of the CAC. Their very own Jazz and Blues band and talented singers took to the stage to entertain; they certainly put up a performance at the launch ceremony.

Doing more for members and NTU
Of the set-up, Ms Vu Minh Huong (NBS/Class of 2008), its newly-elected President, said: “I thank Prof Er and NTU’s Alumni Affairs Office (AAO) for giving us guidance and support. The Executive Committee members and my fellow CAC alumni had also sacrificed time and effort. Together, I believe we can bring the CAC to the next level.”

For starters, Ms Vu hopes to organise more activities and workshops to reach out to the senior batches of alumni.

Ms Zhu Lifang (NBS/Class of 2008), a member of the association’s Executive Committee, shared her wishes for the new alumni association.

She said: “One of the objectives of the set-up is to give support to the campus’ CAC. We can support in the area of running a club and provide advice on academic matters and career choices. Eventually, we wish to slowly build up our network in the years to come.”

The CAC has been around for 19 years and registers more than 2,000 undergraduates as members every year. It has 21 member clubs involved in music, dance, martial arts and event support. These have served as a talent resource providing performers and emcees for many of the events organised by AAO.

Facilitated by AAO, the launch saw 100 alumni attending. It was held on Friday, 22 October, at *SCAPE, a hip spot in town, so attendees could enjoy themselves mingling with old friends and peers.  

It's free! Sign up and be a member of the new NTU CAC Alumni Association. To register, surf by their website.

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