October 2018 | Issue 38
Project Songkeum
Arel 2 (Custom).jpgBy Arel Chua, Class of 2021

Seventeen members from Project Songkeum embarked on the fourth annual trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia from 24 - 30 June, 2018. For the Year 2s, it was a heartwarming return to see the same beaming faces of our friendly hosts from last year, Sophal and Oddom. We spent a day visiting the local health centre and also taught photography and poster design skills to staff from our partner organisation, Build Your Future Today (BFT).

Each day we hit the road at 7.45am for a two-hour drive to the rural villages, so as to catch the children while they were in school. Through games and props, we taught the children basic health education. Much to their delight, we also managed to distribute 190 pairs of shoes-that-grow, dressed several wounds and played with them under the sun.

Likewise, we also conducted health education lessons for the adults. Admittedly, there were many moments we had to sadly turn away villagers who required more advanced health services for their conditions. However, like a teammate shared, “There are many things in our circle of concern but let’s focus on the things we can change within our circle of influence.” There is still much work to be done and we’ll continue to work with BFT to forge ahead in the next few years.