Issue 137, August 2014
Enjoying durians and more!
​Alumni and their families and friends participate in a one-day excursion to Malaysia visiting farms, feasting on fresh durians, and shopping

Organised by the NTU Alumni Affairs Office, the trip to Johor Bahru on 3 August started with a visit to the Zenxin Organic Park. At this farm, the alumni learnt more about the different kinds of herbs available and how they are grown and harvested. They also found how the mulberry fruit, which is sometimes used in skin care products, can also help to prevent cancer.

Some other farms they visited included the dragon fruit and mushroom farms. At a pet corner, the participants got up close to farm animals such as goose, ducks, rabbits and even saw the world’s smallest chicken!

This was followed by the day’s highlight – a visit to a durian plantation – where fresh durians and a delicious local lunch awaited the alumni. The participants were seen enjoying the delicious feast of juicy durians, licking their fingers in delight.

A stop at the noodles factory was next on the itinerary where the participants saw how noodles are freshly made. At the biscuit factory, Traditional Fuzhou Biscuits Eng Hin, they witnessed the entire process involved in baking traditional biscuits, whilst at the bee farm which they visited next, they learnt about honey production and the health benefits of honey consumption.

It was then time for some free and easy activities at Bukit Indah Jusco Mall where everyone shopped to their hearts’ delight. The day trip which ended with dinner at a local restaurant, attracted 126 participants.

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