April 2014 | ISSUE 11
LKCMedicine makes its presence felt at the 13th Annual TBLC Meeting at Fort Worth





By Dr Preman Rajalingam
Senior Assistant Director and Head, Educational Development & TBL Facilitation

This year, the 13th Team-Based Learning Collaborative (TBLC) meeting was held at Fort Worth, Texas, from 6 to 8 March 2014. The TBLC is an academic peer group dedicated to supporting educators and trainers from a variety of educational and professional development backgrounds who have implemented or wish to implement Team-Based Learning (TBL).

The meeting was attended by educators from a wide range of teaching backgrounds in undergraduate, postgraduate and professional education, including medical education, other health-related disciplines, as well as business studies and social science disciplines. The contingent from LKCMedicine effectively made their presence felt by conducting two workshops which cemented the School’s position as a thought leader in the academic community.

Director of E-Learning & IT Services Mr Paul Gagnon and Head of Educational Development & TBL Facilitation Dr Preman Rajalingam facilitated a half-day workshop on the topic “Paperless and Lectureless: Using Open Source Technology in TBL” which was attended by 45 participants from around the globe. The participants experienced first-hand how technology and pedagogy are integrated seamlessly to deliver the TBL experience at LKCMedicine.

This session was also an opportunity to showcase the bespoke innovative online tools that the team at LKCMedicine has spent the last year developing and refining. These include the “Scratchie” and team-selection tools which support immediate feedback during team tests; and the customised faculty reports which provide a real-time overview of how well students understand key learning points.

The workshop participants were pleasantly surprised that LKCMedicine has made these tools freely available to the wider education community and a number of them have started to engage with us to explore how this technology could be adapted to support their students' curriculum experience.

The second workshop, which was attended by more than 30 participants, was titled “Converting a Traditional Lecture Course to the TBL Format”. It was conducted by Head of Technology in Medical Education & Innovation in Simulation Dr Jason Maroothynaden, Lead for Introduction to Medical Sciences Dr Claire Canning and Deputy Curriculum Development Lead Dr James Stratford-Martin.  

At this workshop participants learnt about how staff at LKCMedicine have adapted the successful traditional undergraduate lecture-based curriculum at Imperial College London and converted it to a TBL-based format. There were frank discussions about the complexities, challenges and unique opportunities presented by an international collaboration in undergraduate medical education.

The participants, even those with years of familiarity with TBL, particularly valued the sharing of experiences as LKCMedicine is one of the few institutions which has successfully embraced the TBL paradigm for all lecture-based courses.

As the School continues to move from strength to strength in the implementation of this educational paradigm, we expect to continue to engage, collaborate, share best practices with and learn from the academic community at the TBLC and beyond.