Issue 129, December 2013
Discovering the wonders of Vietnam
NTU alumni enjoy a trip to the largest city of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, with their families and fellow alumni

During the trip, alumni not only enjoyed the wonderful array of Vietnamese dishes and ample shopping, but also learnt more about the history of Vietnam. It was on the first day that they visited the historical Cu Chi Tunnels – an elaborate underground network made up of 250km of tunnels and chambers below the city – which is something one should never miss when in Ho Chi Minh City. The tunnels were dug out with simple tools and bare hands during the French Occupation in the 1940s.

This was followed by an enjoyable afternoon spent leisurely at the Long Thanh Fruit Market and the famous Vung Tau beach where alumni satisfied their taste buds with a sumptuous seafood dinner.

Visiting the renowned 32 meters high statue of Jesus Christ was on the travellers’ itinerary on the second day. Built in 1974, this statue in Vung Tau is one of the tallest in Asia. They also visited the Whale Temple where they viewed impressive paintings featuring whales. Vietnamese people living in the coastal areas believe that some fishermen were once rescued by a whale. Hence their belief that whales would always protect ships and the crew.

A boat ride along the Mekong River is a must for any tourist. The alumni and their families did just that on the third day. This was followed by a visit to a coconut candy-making factory where the alumni learnt more about the process of producing the sweet coconut candy. Thereafter, they were treated to a popular puppet show at the Golden Dragon Theatre.

On the last day of their trip, the participants visited the War Remnant Museum where they learnt more about the American phase of the Vietnam War.

About 40 alumni and their families participated in the 4 days/3 nights NTU Alumni Discovery Tour to Ho Chi Minh City from 29 November to 2 December.

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