April 2013|ISSUE 5
Selecting LKCMedicine’s Pioneer Cohort

By Tan Kia Yen

Assistant Director, Admissions

With a vision to train doctors who will redefine medicine and transform healthcare, LKCMedicine adopts a set of specially crafted assessment tools in selecting candidates whom the School believes will eventually become good doctors for Singapore.  The BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT) and Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI), both newly introduced in the selection of medical doctors in Singapore, have thus been added to the selection process to enhance the robustness and rigour of the admissions system and at the same time, ensure that candidates of excellent personality, attitude and aptitude are surfaced.

As part of the admissions team in LKCMedicine, I have seen how the admissions system evolved from mere policies into what it is today – a live and real system in action, incorporating all the principles and procedures which went through countless and painful rounds of discussions in the past two years by the pioneers in LKCMedicine!  It has been a very challenging and exciting period for many of us who are directly involved in this phase of the exercise and the experience is indeed a memorable one.

The application window has just closed and with the MMI just ended, there is much anxiety among students and parents on the shortlisting outcome.  At the same time here in LKCMedicine, while managing the expectations and keen enquiries from the prospective students and their parents, we are gearing up for the next big challenge - identify the ones we really want for our pioneer batch of students.