Issue 93, December 2010
Mini “United Nations”
Our international alumni contribute to the evolving character of NTU. Judging by the turnout at the International Alumni Get-together Lunch on 4 December, they are eager to stay connected!

In just one afternoon, a “mini United Nations” was formed in the ballroom of Hotel Fort Canning, where the NTU International Alumni Get-together Lunch was held.

For, in attendance were alumni hailed from near and far flung places. Some from neighbouring Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam, while others were from China, India, Iran, Nepal, Pakistan and South Korea.

NTU’s international alumni form a third of the Nanyang alumni family, comprising nearly 145,000 alumni. Of this, 40 per cent live and work in Singapore.

NTU’s ambassadors
Guest-of-honour at the get-together, Mr Chew Kheng Chuan, NTU’s Chief University Advancement Officer, spoke of how the international alumni community can play a key role in advancing NTU.

Mr Chew said: “Yours is a powerful force that will continue to shape the evolving character of your alma mater. When you were students, your presence on campus brought to life a vibrant environment of diverse intellectual discourse and cultural exchange. Making it possible for young people from different lands to live and learn together and to share ideas – that was one of the first steps NTU took to realise our dream of becoming a great global university.”

You are also NTU’s best ambassadors, and the impact you can make in growing NTU’s global influence is very special indeed,” he added.

Colourful community
The lunch get-together also presented an opportunity for the alumni to come dressed in their charming national costumes.

Indonesians were seen clad in their intricate batik shirts; Indians togged up in their beautifully embroidered kameez; Chinese female alumni stylish in silk cheongsams; and a Korean alumna was an eye candy in her gorgeous hanbok.

They made delightful conversation pieces, particularly Ms Kim Kiyeon, who proudly paraded the beauty and grace of her hanbok. She graduated in 2010 with a Master in Business Administration.

It was the first time Ms Kim attended an alumni event. She was glad for a chance to make new friends from other parts of the world. She also caught up with a former classmate, Ms Vu Hoang Phuong Que.

Ms Vu, a Vietnamese alumna and a financial analyst at Bloomberg, attended the event with her husband, Mr Dao Tuanson (MAE/Class of 2008). Of the international platform, she said: “I came so I can network. I find networking especially useful for work and social. After all, we learn from each other and you’ll never know when the knowledge you grasp may come in handy.”

While the alumni networked over lunch and exchanged anecdotes with one another, a number of performances kept them entertained.

NTU students showcased their musical and dance talents, while a pair of Indonesian alumni performed popular songs.

The event ended with a pleasant surprise for Mr Chew; the day of the event coincided with his birthday. Guests wished him "Happy Birthday", complete with song and cake.

The happy finale brought smiles to as many as 258 alumni, their partners and staff who turned up.

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