December 2013 | ISSUE 9
External Examiners – Why They Matter




Ang Wei Wei
Assistant Director, Examinations

LKCMedicine aims to produce graduates with the appropriate skills, knowledge and attitude to deliver high quality care to patients in both community and hospital settings. Examinations and assessment help to establish if students have achieved the necessary knowledge, skills, and understanding to progress to the next stage and ensure that only those who are fit to practise will graduate as doctors. They also enable the School to monitor students’ academic progress with the aim of identifying and supporting students experiencing academic difficulties.

A key component in examinations and assessment is the role played by our external examiners. Their responsibility is to ensure the standard of LKCMedicine’s MBBS programme is consistent with that of Imperial College London and comparable to other medical schools, and that our examinations and assessment procedures are fair, effective and appropriate.

The external examiners work as a team to provide broad coverage of content areas as well as expertise in assessment. They are involved in the approval and moderation of examination papers, review of graded examination scripts, and the Board of Examiners where recommendations on the examination results and awards are considered.

External examiners will be appointed for each year of the MBBS programme and LKCMedicine is privileged to have the following academic subject and professional experts to act as external examiners for Phase 1 (Years 1 & 2) of our MBBS programme for Academic Year 2013/2014:

• Professor Douglas Corfield*, Professor of Medical Sciences and Director of Studies (Phase 1), Manchester Medical School, University of Manchester

• Professor Hooi Shing Chuan, Professor and Vice-Dean (Education), Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore

• Professor Philip Bradley, Dean of Academic Affairs, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia

• Professor Lam Tai Pong, Professor and Chief of Postgraduate Education, Department of Family Medicine & Primary Care, University of Hong Kong

• Dr Tan Ai Ling, Senior Consultant and Head of the Diagnostic Bacteriology Section, Department of Pathology, Singapore General Hospital

*Joint external examiner – An external examiner who is also acting as external examiner for Imperial College London’s MBBS.