Issue 112, July 2012
Batman back in action
Fans watched their favourite superhero fight a masked villain, in the latest alumni movie screening

Alumni movie-goers attended the movie screening of 'The Dark Knight Rises' to find out how the legendary Batman film trilogy would conclude. The final instalment saw Christian Bale reprising his role as Batman and also featured Tom Hardy as the masked Bane, a ruthless terrorist leader intent on destroying Gotham City.

After being away for eight years, Batman returns to Gotham City to fight Bane. However, his time away has softened both his spirit and body. With help from his friends, he slowly rediscovers the strength within that made him Batman in the first place.

Organised by the NTU Alumni Affairs Office, the alumni movie screening was held at GV Vivocity on Sunday, 22 July and attended by close to 175 alumni with their families and friends.

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