Issue 106, January 2012
Goodies for the new year
NTU alumni and staff master the art of baking cookies and cakes for the Lunar New Year

“You must cook and bake with passion and love. When you feel happy cooking and baking, your dishes will turn out perfect!” This was the golden advice that Chef Judy shared with alumni participants who turned up for a Lunar New Year goodies baking workshop organised by the Alumni Affairs Office.

And so, enthusiastic alumni put their heart and soul into learning how to make cakes and cookies for the festive season that Saturday afternoon of 7 January, at Creative Culinaire The School (Pte Ltd). 

 Chef Judy gave clear demonstrations for baking eggless almond blossoms and egg white marble cake. For the egg white marble cake, participants learnt the best way to whip the egg whites so that the texture of the whipped egg whites would be of the desired consistency before stirring in the other dry ingredients such as flour. Participants were advised to refrigerate the prepared pastry dough ahead of time for the almond blossoms as the dough will then shape and form better when baked.

Alumnus Ms Yip Cheu Fong (NBS/1997), learnt the importance of being patient at the workshop when it comes to mixing in the ingredients one at a time. A first-time attendee, she said that her family members were pleased and surprised at the same time to find out that the delicious almond blossoms had no eggs in them. We now have healthy snacks for the new year!” she said.

There was much excitement as participants waited, albeit impatiently, for their goodies to finish baking. By the looks on their faces, they were definitely not too disappointed with the finished products, not even for the first-timers.

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