December 2012 | ISSUE 3
Creating A Stimulating Learning Environment

By Dr Naomi Low-Beer

Throughout their medical training, LKCMedicine students will develop strong foundations in the scientific basis of medicine. Much of this will be learned through Team-Based Learning (TBL) sessions, and faculty in both London and Singapore are working hard to develop a variety of educational materials for TBL. In London, narrated PowerPoints are being recorded, lectures videoed and innovative emodules created, all of which will be accessible by iPad. In Singapore, work has begun on Application Exercises, key elements of the TBL process in which students apply concepts they have learned to solve challenging problems.

We believe that the stimulating TBL environment will drive our students’ desire to learn, but what other elements of our curriculum will motivate them? First and foremost their early contact with patients – in the Longterm Patient Project they will appreciate chronic illness from the patient’s perspective and in the Integrated Clinical Practice course they will develop foundational skills in history-taking and examination. There will also be weekly Clinical Encounter sessions, in which students will learn early on to appreciate the connection between biomedical science and clinical care. But it is not only the patients that will drive the students’ desire to learn – it is also their teachers.

With this in mind, Dr Graham Easton, Family Medicine Physician from Imperial, and former BBC journalist, will be visiting Singapore in January to conduct a series of short videoed interviews with a number of LKCMedicine clinical faculty.

These interviews will be incorporated into the educational materials for TBL, with the aim of providing students with a local clinical context for their learning. This will also be a great opportunity for some of Singapore’s leading clinicians to inspire our students and give them a real insight into the work of a practising doctor.