April 2016 | Issue 23
Taking to the clinical years

By Wing Teo
Senior Executive, Curriculum

2015 was a challenging yet exciting year for us as our inaugural cohort transitioned into the clinical setting from the classroom. Preparation for Year 3 started in 2014 and by August 2015, we were ready to welcome the Year 3 students. An Away Day for the students was held in February 2015 to facilitate their transition to the clinical years as many of them were anxious about it. Gradually, the students became more sure
footed on the wards and garnered positive feedback from healthcare professionals.

As the year progressed, we in the curriculum team also became more confident with running the different sessions during the Pre-Rotation Teaching Weeks. The clinical setting is more dynamic and requires more coordination compared with classroom teaching. Managing students across multiple sites involved meetings with the various education offices throughout the year to iron out any issues that might arise during the clinical postings. This experience has definitely strengthened my soft skills and given me an opportunity to work with different people.

Preparation for the Year 4 curriculum is well underway and discussions with the education offices at the other hospitals have started. Come August 2016, we will be psyched to welcome our Year 4 students.