April 2013|ISSUE 5
Our Very Own Iskandar Project

By Suzanne Lim

Lest you think LKCMedicine is moving across the Causeway, fear not.

Our Iskandar Project refers to the commemorative wall mural involving our pioneer cohort of students and master ceramicist and Cultural Medallion (Visual Arts) winner Iskandar Jalil, widely hailed as one of Singapore’s national artistic treasures and a prolific teacher and mentor to generations of art students.

The idea of having a commemorative artwork is rooted in one of the unique aspects of the curriculum at LKCMedicine – medical humanities. Medical humanities has the potential to greatly enrich clinical-practice teaching, with film, literature, art, sculpture and poetry all presenting different perspectives on medical topics that help enhance skills that our students are developing in other parts of their medical education, such as narrative and visual competencies, and critical analysis.

The choice of a wall mural over other mediums is how it effectively allows for both individual and collaborative creative expression. Guidance will be provided by Iskandar who will supervise the individual efforts of each student and provide the overall artistic direction for the mural. Each student will be encouraged to express his/her own creative interpretation of the relationship between medicine and art; at the same time, each one of their creations forms an important constituent part of the larger mural which Iskandar will assemble.

A rare opportunity for our pioneer cohort to work with one of Singapore’s master artists and most passionate teachers, the estimated cost of the mural is $150,000. The funds will be raised through a fundraising drive led by volunteer Guan Ong, founder of Blue Rice Investment Management.

An alum of Imperial College London, Ong was inspired to volunteer after attending a function at the British High Commissioner’s residence where he learnt more about the medical school collaboration between NTU and Imperial.

Says Ong, “The presentation brought back a lot of fond memories for me and I wanted to see how I could contribute in my own humble way to the effort that was being made by the two universities on a project where I could work independently through my own personal network.

“This project also has added personal significance as I have always admired Iskandar Jalil’s work and this collaborative commemorative project will represent a permanent visual statement which I am deeply honoured to be associated with.”

If you would like more information on or to make a donation towards the Iskandar Project at LKCMedicine, please contact Suzanne Lim at suzanne.lim@ntu.edu.sg or 6592 1784.