October 2014 | ISSUE 14
Meet the new LKCMedSoc ExCo

​By Ryan Chen, Joel Wong, Nathaniel Tan, Leon Tan & Dylan Fones

MedSoc (2nd ExCo) (Custom).JPG
From left to right: Leon, Nathaniel, Ryan, Joel and Dylan


President – Ryan Chen

Hi, I’m Ryan! … Your new LKCMedSoc President! I enjoy the small and simple things life has to offer, drawing joy from interpersonal interactions, conversations and relationships. I’m not content with the status quo, because I believe we can and should always do better. I also believe that everyone has something to teach and I seek opportunities to learn new wisdom, whether that comes from a lecturer or a patient! Following these beliefs, I hope to become the kind of doctor that you would like to have caring for you.

Something few of you may know is that I have the thickest spectacles at LKCMedicine. 1,200 degree myopia – I challenge thee to best that! –, but in no way am I myopic in my outlook on life!

As President, … I’m involved in all the MedSoc activities and will be working closely with the rest of the Executive Committee (ExCo) to deliver awesome events and meaningful outreach projects to you throughout the year.

I also represent the MedSoc and student body on different committees from the School and university level ones to national ones, such as the Singapore Medical Association. At LKCMedicine, I sit on the Medical Education Committee, the Staff-Student Liaison Group 1, Education Subcommittee 1 and the Welfare Committee. I’m part of the NTU Students’ Union Council, where my main role is to make sure that our funding doesn’t get channelled elsewhere!

During my term, … I want to establish the medical society as a people-centric organisation, with LKCMedicine students at the core of all we do. Having served on the committee last year, I know exactly what we can do better this year and the three areas I hope to tackle are:

  1. Transparency: we’ll send out regular email updates on what has been going on at all the various committee meetings to keep students updated and give them a chance to give us more feedback.
  2. Succession planning: we want to make the running of the MedSoc smoother and the handover between committees simpler. So for those of you contemplating standing for election in future, get involved now!
  3. Building a network of partnerships: We are forging new friendships and bonds with the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and Duke-NUS MedSocs, so that by the time we enter the workforce, we’ll know our peers!


Vice President for Welfare – Joel Wong

Hi, I’m Joel! … I’m the Vice President for Welfare and a proud alumnus of Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), where I did the International Baccalaureate. I’ve completed my national service, serving as an instructor in the Singapore Artillery.

What many people don’t know is that I really enjoyed my experience as an instructor and might have become a teacher if I hadn’t gotten into LKCMedicine. My favourite times of the day are bedtime and when I chill with my guitar.

As Vice President for Welfare, … my job will be taking care of all students! I will do this through the LKCMedicine House System and the NHG Resident Mentor Programme. I will also look after the student lounge, and organise welfare packs during exam periods. Listening to students’ feedback and bringing that to the attention of the relevant faculty is also one of my responsibilities. Finally, I will be overseeing the community service committee, creating opportunities for us as a school to care for the community.

During my term, … I’d like to build on what the previous ExCo has done in general welfare. We’ll make the Research Techno Plaza student lounge more comfortable and cosy for the Year 1s, who spend most of their time there. I also want to listen to ideas and concerns from the students and improve student welfare in new and innovative ways.

Secondly, I hope to work with the elected house representatives on firming up the Inter-House Championships, creating a greater variety of events to allow greater bonding within and between Houses. I’d also like to help develop a unique house spirit for each House.

Lastly, in community service, I hope to provide a platform that allows students to plan and organise projects to reach out and meet the various needs of the community around us.


Vice President for Student Life – Nathaniel Tan

Hi, I'm Nathaniel! … I'm a big fan of indie music and the TV shows Big Bang Theory and Friends. I enjoy catching up with my friends in and out of school. I may not be the sportiest person around (I run purely to keep fit and absolutely hate it!), but that doesn't mean I'm short of fun. I believe that the best memories come not from what we study, but from the screwed-up stuff we do. You probably don't know this, but I used to keep a logbook to count my primary school Chinese teacher's most used phrases, I've climbed over the school gate, and I've substituted Rebecca Black for boring morning assembly elevator music in front of hundreds of people.

As Vice President for Student Life, … I’ll oversee the four major committees for Freshmen Orientation Camp, Student Dinner & Dance, Arts & Culture, and Sports, as well as several smaller events such as the Resident Mentor meet-ups and festivals including our very own Children's Day and Halloween celebrations. I’ll work with the committees to plan and organise these events, and serve as the bridge between them and the School.

During my term, ... the most immediate task on my list is the formation of the committees, complete with the various heads and members. I hope to do that in an orderly and organised manner, and will be consulting with the past heads of these committees to see how this can be done. I also hope to implement more activities to spice up our student life even more. Events currently in the pipeline include a casual Sentosa games day and Chinese New Year celebrations. I’m also looking into having more opportunities to showcase the multitude of talent we have here at LKCMedicine by expanding the scope of events such as Peanut Butter & Jam.

One last thing … Since I didn't manage to finish my speech on rally day, I’ll leave my corny ending here instead. "As your Vice President, I’ll make your student life go boom boom boom, even brighter than the moon moon moon."


Secretary – Leon Tan

Hi, I’m Leon! … I’m a Year 2 student and I love composing music. Something that not many know about me is that I have three complete albums of 12 tracks each (12 is my favourite number!) that I composed myself. I’m currently working on my fourth album! My songs tend to be ‘emo’ and dark, but I’m not actually sad! Some other facts about me: I used to be from the National Cadet Corps (Land), although I don’t seem like the fit and uniform-group type at all! I used to lead recruits in Pulau Tekong as a Basic Military Training Platoon Sergeant back in the army. Lastly, I absolutely hate seaweed and I’m allergic to bananas!

As Secretary, … my job is to be the point of contact for the LKCMedSoc. I’m in charge of administrative matters, including taking minutes during key meetings, sending out information about MedSoc events, and making sure everyone knows what’s going on. Besides this, I’m working closely with the Year representatives to collate feedback regarding academic matters to bring up to the School during the School’s academic meetings. I’ll also be the liaison for a new initiative that is in the pipeline, the Asian Medical Conference, which we’re planning together with the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine – so keep a lookout for more information from me via the student NTU emails!  

During my term, … I’ve already shifted most of the dissemination of information to our official MedSoc email account to streamline the information flow. So far, I’ve created channels for the MedSoc to easily reach out to both cohorts, such as by having one TBL representative from each TBL team from both academic years on a common Whatsapp group. In addition, I also send out the monthly update reports to students covering the latest events and happenings in the School, including what the MedSoc has been up to.

One last thing, … My favourite singers (in this order) are Rihanna, Jay Chou and Carrie Underwood. Ask me anything about them – I know quite a bit!


Treasurer – Dylan Fones

Hi, I’m Dylan! … I’m Chinese (yes, 100%), vigilant, prudent, calculative and introverted (most of the time). I’m a friend of the community and a violinist. I appreciate epicurean pleasures, would love for it to snow here and hope to one day be an adept skier.

As Treasurer, … I’m in charge of all things money related.

During my term, … on top of a treasurer’s usual responsibilities (budgets, accounting, audits, etc), I’ll be working with the new merchandise team. This team will be integral to any fundraising initiatives and work on the development of official LKCMedSoc merchandise for students (some ideas so far include T-shirts, iPad covers, folders etc). The details have yet to be ironed out but that simply means more room to work with! If you have any ideas or a wish list, let me know!

One last thing, … My name is Dylan, but some people call me Dubé or Fones, just in case you’re starting to wonder. I’m fine with all of them! Whatever floats your boat.