October 2011, Issue 22

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Student IT Background Survey: PC and Personal Device Ownership

3,919 new students responded to the online Student Information Technology Background Survey conducted by the Centre for IT Services (CITS) via the web-based StudentLink services during the period from April to June 2011. IT Connect will publish the survey results in this and the next few issues.

PC Ownership

Following the trend of the previous year, notebook PC ownership among the new students has increased from 57.5% to 73.0%, as shown in the chart below. The ownership of Desktop PC has dropped from 62.1% to 45.3%. Mac desktop/notebook ownership has dropped slightly from 9.7% to 9.4%, while the tablet PC ownership has dropped from 3.3% to 2.7%.


Other Personal Device Ownership

For other personal devices, the MP3 player ownership has increased slightly from 49.8% to 51.9%. 10% of the students surveyed owned iPad or other slate devices (new in this survey).

The Apple iPhone smartphone ownership has increased substantially from 17.0% to 31.5%, while the Blackberry smartphone ownership increased from 4.6% to 7.7%. In contrast, the Windows Mobile smartphone ownership has dropped from 6.2% to 5.5% and the Nokia smartphone ownership has also dropped slightly from 13.2% to 13.0%.