Issue 104, November 2011
Relive, Renew, Reconnect
It was a night where memories of campus days were revisited, but also one where new memories were made

The theme for that Friday evening’s combined reunion celebration was ‘Relive, Renew and Reconnect’ and the stars were alumni from the ten classes of 1986 to 1995; graduates of the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and its predecessor institution, the Nanyang Technological Institute (NTI). 

Keeping the flame alive
It was an evening where emotions ran high; where fond memories of campus days were evoked against a constant backdrop of laughter and merrymaking.  Amongst a series of entertaining programmes that evening was a characteristic component featuring Special Guest Professor Bertil Andersson, NTU President. In a memorable illusion performance where he successfully broke free from a pair of hand-shackles tightly chained to his wrists by the event emcee, Prof Andersson brought home the message of ‘Nothing is impossible’, in an effort to rally alumni support for the Class Reunion Giving Programme.

The result was a significant one, with contributions from alumni that evening increasing the total donation sum for the programme to nearly $557,000. With government matching, more than $1.35 million was raised, in support of NTU undergraduate education; a heart-warming indication of our alumni’s willingness to take part in shaping the future of NTU’s next generation of graduates. In thanking and commending alumni of their active participation and generous support, Prof Andersson also encouraged them to remain in close touch with their alma mater. He shared with the Classes the latest developments of the University and reminded them of how much their participation in their alma mater’s journey to becoming a great global university is valued.

“It was a very well-organised event with a very good cause. It was also a rare opportunity for us to meet up with old friends,” said alumnus Mr Lee Soon Hiang (CSE/ 1986), the first prize lucky draw winner of that evening.

In his welcome speech, Mr Andrew Tan (MPE/1988), Chairman, Class of 1986-1995 Reunion Organising Committee, expressed his appreciation for the combined organising committee from the ten classes who had made time to ensure the success of the event. He also urged his fellow alumni to give back to NTU in different ways. “We all have important roles to play in our University’s progress. A university is distinguished not only by the calibre of its faculty and students, but also by that of its alumni,” he added.

Jointly leading the committee is Er Chong Kee Sen (CSE/1987), who shared his pleasure at helping to organise the event, and encouraging the participation of his fellow alumni. Alumnus Mr Tan Puay Tong (MPE/1986), remarked: “We enjoyed ourselves immensely, in no small measure due to the spontaneity of our NTU President who really let his hair down.”

245 alumni, invited guests and staff attended the Class of 1986-1995 Reunion Celebration, held at Concorde Hotel on 4 November.

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