April 2014 | ISSUE 11
IntroDOCtions are in order

By Loh Kieng Wee

The journey to becoming a doctor starts with medical school. University is a new experience, with new people, new places, new procedures, and these can easily overwhelm a freshman. That is why we need an IntroDOCtion.

IntroDOCtion is LKCMedicines Freshmen Orientation Camp and will be held in July. It will not only introduce freshmen to their new surroundings and provide a fresh start to medical school, but also mark their first step into the medical fraternity and, by extension, the values that it is recognised for.

IntroDOCtion promises fun, games and many surprises. During the recently held Seniors’ Camp, we tested out the many exciting activities planned. From beach to war games, we are ready!

LKCMedicine students look forward to welcoming the incoming freshmen to the School.

At the start of the week, freshmen will be sorted into Orientation Groups (OG), independent of any past or future affiliations or groupings.  Guided by seniors, they will go through thick and thin with their OG, emerging bonded and tightly knit.

But IntroDOCtion is more than that. We want to create a culture of giving. We place patients at the heart of our practice, and through our community outreach activities, IntroDOCtion provides a taste of our people-centred approach. The importance of communication, another hallmark of our ethos, will similarly be evident in many of our camp activities. It will be fun and meaningful.

As seniors, we can’t wait to get to know the incoming freshmen!