October 2013|Issue 8
LKCMedicine Task Force Visit to Imperial College London

By Esabelle Yam

The LKCMedicine Task Force for Research and Postgraduate Programmes visited Imperial College London from 28 to 29 August 2013. Led by Professor of Developmental Biology Phil Ingham FRS, the Task Force comprised Professor of Metabolic Medicine Bernhard Boehm, Professor of Cell Biology David Becker, Professor of Infectious Disease Annelies Wilder-Smith, Visiting Professor Balazs Gulyas, Professor Dean Nizetic, Dr Andrew Ang, Dr Ng Sean Pin and Ms Esabelle Yam. The purpose of the visit was to explore possibilities for strategic research collaborations and postgraduate student exchanges with Imperial.

Meetings were held with the Heads of Surgery and Cancer from the Faculty of Medicine, Infectious Disease and Epidemiology, and also with the Medical Research Council Clinical Sciences Centre as well as the National Heart and Lung Institute.  In addition, the Task Force also visited the Wellcome Trust where they were briefed on the Trust’s four-year PhD programmes.

The Task Force was impressed by the breadth and depth of Imperial’s faculty research strengths and have identified a number of complementary areas for future collaborations such as metabolic disease and diabetes, particularly in metabolomics and islet cell biology. Imperial’s existing research engagement in South East Asia through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded research programme in neglected tropical diseases also provides an opportunity for furthering research linkages with Singapore and LKCMedicine.

The visit concluded with a working lunch at LKCMedicine’s London Office which was chaired by Dean of LKCMedicine Professor Dermot Kelleher. Professor in Molecular Medicine Ross McManus from Trinity College Dublin also participated in the discussion and updated the Task Force about the postgraduate programmes at Trinity. 

Besides research meetings, our Research Administration and Support Office also met with key representatives from Imperial’s Joint Research Office to study the best practices that they have developed in supporting the diverse group of Principal Investigators at the Faculty of Medicine.