February 2013|ISSUE 4
Building For LKCMedicine's Inaugural Cohort


By Sunny Ang
Manager, Infrastructure

First, I would like to wish everyone “Happy New Year”. With the counting down to 5 August 2013, we
sincerely hope that wishes on our list for LKCMedicine for the new year will be fulfilled.

I am glad to be part of the LKCMedicine family, working alongside top-level academic, research and support staff. It has been a challenge striving to provide and maintain brand-new world-class facilities to match the standards of the colleagues. The top-class students that we are set to welcome in August have been promised first-class teaching facilities, so the pressure is on. But we’re confident we will not disappoint. 2012 was a busy year as the development of our headquarters building at 11, Mandalay Road progressed from the design to the construction phase. At the same time, I was also assisting the department with the appointment of design consultants for the planned Clinical Sciences Building at our Novena campus and the Experimental Medicine Building at our Yunnan Garden campus,
as well as formalising the requirements of the various stakeholders (from teaching to research and administration). The main construction work for CSB and EMB will start in June this year and
both buildings are expected to be ready by 2015, in time for our 3rd intake of students.

In April 2013, the new administrative office within the HQ building will be ready and we will be arranging for a staff move into the building. This will relieve some pressure in terms of office space at our current NTU facilities as we are experiencing rapid growth in staff strength leading up to the opening of the School.

Despite the steep challenges, it has been an extremely rewarding experience being directly involved in building the School’s dual campus. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their
assistance and support in making this happen.