February 2016 | Issue 22
Coming of age

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By Nicole Lim
The LKCMedicine Editor

This issue of
The LKCMedicine is all about student life. We hear from the LKCMedicine Medical Society Executive Committee about their grand plans to build a strong School spirit and make student life even more fun. Three students also share their and their teams' experiences of their year-end Overseas Community Involvement Projects in places as near as Batam and as far away as Nepal. We also get a glimpse into life as a Year 2 medical student through the eyes of Ken Chua.

Also in this issue: with the world struggling to fight the current outbreak of the Zika virus, we talk to LKCMedicine researchers who may have found the key to treating flaviviruses like Zika and dengue; we get to know our newest Governing Board Member and Imperial Faculty of Medicine Vice-Dean for Education Professor Desmond Johnston and what his vision is for this unique collaboration; and a roundup of the latest news and happenings at the School. ​

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Professor Lionel Lee, Executive Vice-Dean (Administration)

Suzanne Lim

Nicole Lim

Contributors & Writers
Dr Preman Rajalingam
Dr James Stratford-Martin
Ang Hoe Khoon
Ken Chua
Huang Jinghui
Paul Ratcliffe
Rosli A Razak
Brenton Sio
Vivegan Visvalingam

Editorial Board
Professor Michael Ferenczi
Dr Andrew Ang
Dr Vivien Chiong
Paul Ratcliffe
Siti Rohanah Koid
Suzanne Lim