Issue 90, September 2010
Be a mentor, nurture young minds
Volunteer to share your industry knowhow and experience through Mentor-Link. NTU's CareerHub invites working alumni to take on the challenge of being a career mentor.

Giving back has its perks. While you volunteer and give back to NTU, your rich experience can be inspiring advice for the nurturing of a young mind. New graduates will look upon you for guidance, especially when critical career decisions have to be made. A mentor in need is a friend indeed. So, what better way to share your industry experience than to mentor students, who are gearing up for the working world.

Here's what's expected of you
Simply tell us how much time you are able to free up for advising students, and how you like to be contacted, be it through phone, email, or face-to-face meeting. We, in turn, will refer you graduating students  based on your availabilities and monitor the process to keep it manageable.

As a volunteer, you will be listed on our database according to the industry you represent, so students can locate you easily. Your contact details will not be listed and will only be released to students upon request.

NTU CareerHub has a mission
NTU CareerHub looks towards tapping alumni's industry knowhow and working experience, with which it could build a reservoir of valuable resources for its use when advising students and preparing them for the working world. 

Be a volunteer today. Fill in the online form or call us on (65) 6790 4428 for a registration form.

For more information, please contact Charmaine on (65) 6790 4427 or email her.

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