April 2015 | ISSUE 17
Dear Diary

​By Padigepati Siddarth Reddy
Class of 2019

23 February 2015:
I'm really looking forward to the Clinical Encounter session today. The seniors mentioned that we will be interacting with renal patients who are undergoing and coping with dialysis, while awaiting a kidney transplant. Time to think of some questions that will allow me to explore their perspective and attitude towards their chronic condition.

24 February 2015:
The Clinical Encounter session was rather captivating! We asked the renal patients questions about why they chose a certain type of dialysis and they shared how their choice most suited  their lifestyle. The patients also shared how they have to strike a compromise in their social life to sustain the requirements of regular dialysis sessions. It was insightful to hear the patients talk about how their families supported them throughout the emotionally and physically turbulent acute phase of treatment. Family is truly an important source of support for patients! The session drove home once again that every patient is unique and has different priorities and requirements, even if they have the same medical condition.

25 February 2015:
The Integrated Clinical Practice session today was about interacting with patients across language and culture. I now appreciate that one should not let stereotypes and assumptions hamper effective communication. For example, we must not assume a family member can translate all the information from a patient accurately as the family member may be embarrassed about mentioning some personal information. We will have a practice consultation session with a simulated patient next month to practise communicating around a language barrier! Sounds tough… but exciting too!

4 March 2015:
Today's the day I've been gearing up for - Inter-Hall Frisbee! My fellow teammates and I really wanted to achieve a good placing and show that Crescent Hall is a formidable force, despite being a new hall. And I was so proud when we emerged champions! I've been able to sharpen my techniques over the past few evenings by throwing a frisbee around with my peers in the field right in front of my hall. How convenient! I got to say, it's really a relief to be able to engage in sports in the evenings. The WhatsApp groups we have for sports such as frisbee and soccer make it easy for us to put the word out when we feel like having a recreational game. This sports culture is one of the reasons I really enjoy hall life.



10 March 2015: 
Today's Team-Based Learning (TBL) session was on renal pathology. The day started off with a quick celebration for my teammate's birthday, and my batch sang a birthday song for him before he cut the cake and shared it with the class. It was a great start to the day! The discussions we engaged in were as stimulating as ever and coupled with the content experts' input, I am much clearer now about the biochemistry and clinical manifestation of renal pathology. After all, the content experts help to sieve out and emphasise the clinically-relevant information.


What better way to end the day than with some of my Orientation Group (OG) mates in my hall room! We catch up regularly and they hold a special place in my school life because they're the first group of friends I made in this school and the Freshmen Orientation Camp was a great avenue to get to know each other better. I really like my TBL and House mates, l but I guess it's slightly more intimate being with OG mates, at least for the start of school!


Tonight we watched the horror movie Sinister. I'm never watching another horror film though... I was never a fan of the genre but it was fun watching it as a group! It would have been better if I had a roommate though, so that I wouldn't have to sleep alone in my room now.

11 March 2015: 
We had one of our Inter-House competitions today, another step in the race for the coveted Inter-House Cup. For this clash, the theme was more artsy. The three hours were filled with roars of laughter throughout the skits and stand-up comedies that the different houses had to put up. I don't intend to be mean but… It was pretty hilarious to see my peers have a Kinect dance-off! Oh well, they were laughing at my moves too. Though my house finished fourth this round, I was still glad that we're not overly competitive over inter-house events!​