Issue 103, October 2011
Reminiscing Nanyang
Alumni return to the Yunnan Garden campus for their annual homecoming

Mr Chan Saik Wai (EEE/1986), was one of the close to 1000 alumni who came home to NTU, at the annual NTU Alumni Homecoming 2011, hosted by the University. Though he has returned to campus numerous times, he remains impressed by NTU’s transformation through the past few decades.

“When I was studying, there were only three engineering courses – Electrical and Electronic, Mechanical and Production, and Civil and Structural Engineering – offered at the then Nanyang Technological Institute (NTI). Today, NTU has evolved into an internationally renowned university that offers a wide range of courses beyond its engineering traditions,” said Mr Chan.

Strength of alumni
Themed ‘Reminiscing Nanyang’, NTU Alumni Night 2011 was part of the homecoming programme.

One of the highlights of NTU Alumni Night was the Nanyang Alumni Awards presentation ceremony, where Guest-of-Honour Mr Heng Swee Keat, Minister for Education, presented Nanyang Alumni Awards to 34 deserving alumni.

In his speech, Minister Heng spoke about the strength of the University’s alumni and how their support will benefit future generations of NTU students.

“A key measure of success of a university must be the accomplishments of its alumni. Every good university takes pain to stay in touch with and keep track of its alumni. With more than 156,000 graduates across the globe, I commend NTU’s decision to recognise and celebrate its alumni’s efforts to make this world a better place.

This year, over 9,000 youths graduated from NTU, the biggest graduation class so far. The Class of 2011 also made history, with a record 80% of them making a class gift to their alma mater. More than $105,000 was raised for scholarships and bursaries for financially needy students and school programmes, an increase over the $97,000 raised by the Class of 2010. This is very encouraging, and I commend the many student ambassadors who led this effort, and the students who made a contribution,” he said.

Minister Heng added: “I believe one reason why NTU has succeeded in encouraging its fresh graduates to contribute back to NTU is because of the example set by our alumni. NTU’s strong alumni base has, over the years, been making contributions to NTU’s programmes, to help financially-needy juniors.”

In his maiden alumni homecoming speech, NTU President Professor Bertil Andersson updated the alumni on the University’s new leadership team and the latest research developments. He also emphasised the importance of keeping in touch with alumni.

“As NTU’s alumni, you should be regularly kept informed on the progress of the University. As key stakeholders, you need to be continually apprised of the University’s development. I want to strengthen this interaction with you and I will want to meet you more often at the various alumni events. You can do a lot for us. You can be our advisors. We will make you proud of NTU and we can do that by increasing the profile and international standing of the University. And vice versa, the mark you make in society cements our long term reputation as a great global university. You are NTU’s best ambassadors,” said Prof Andersson.

Earlier that day, alumni also attended English and Chinese forums where topics on new media and investment were discussed.

Mr Foo Ming Yeow (Arts/1964) and his wife Mdm Tham Poh Keng (Science/1966) were pleased to be back again for the homecoming. “After our retirement, we have been participating in numerous alumni events. Today’s forums were good as we were able to hear from the ‘experts’.”

NTU Alumni Night 2011 was held on Saturday, 15 October, at the Nanyang Auditorium.

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