Issue 90, September 2010
Join the NTU Alumni Network Group on Facebook
Be our member and you will get to socialise, receive updates, and even find long-lost friends.

Face it, being on Facebook helps. NTU's Alumni Affairs Office is starting a group on Facebook and would like to invite alumni to be a member. The aim is to foster communication among alumni, as well as between you and your alma mater.

As a member, you will get to socialise with fellow NTU alumni from Singapore, as well as other parts of the world. You can create networks online and get a discussion or dialogue going. You can also make new acquaintances. Even track down former classmates whom you might have lost touch with, and learn what they have been up to since graduation and where they are now.

With an email account, sign up for a Facebook account here, if you do not have one. Then, click here to join our NTU Alumni Network Group. For step-by-step instructions, do view the guide here.

Hurry, join in and be part of the exclusive NTU Alumni Network Group on Facebook now!

Do remember that this is an entirely independent website with its own terms and conditions. Registration on this site is the sole responsibility of the individual user.

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