February 2014| ISSUE 10
Working With Our Future Doctors



By Ivis Wee
Manager, Student Life and Services

It was with mixed feelings that I accepted the appointment as a Manager of Student Life and Services at Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMedicine). I did not have experience working in a university and was quite clueless about the scope of work in student life and services. Granted that I was an undergraduate once, but that was years ago. Hence, making this career switch was rather daunting.

I do, however, love working with young adults and was very keen to be part of LKCMedicine in its early stages. I was positive it would be rewarding to contribute towards shaping the educational journey for the future generation of doctors in Singapore.

Working closely with the students and faculty at LKCMedicine, the Student Life and Services (SLS) team strives to provide a well-balanced mix of academic and extracurricular activities for an enriching    undergraduate experience. Even whilst we are barely into the first year of operations, we have already facilitated several community projects, outreach activities, exchange programmes, and social gatherings. Our next big project is the Freshmen Orientation Camp in July which is spearheaded by our students with the SLS team providing them with as much support as possible.

I am glad to share my initial apprehension at taking up the job was allayed soon after I joined. Our students are full of zest and are keen to participate in activities despite their full academic workload. I am often amazed at how they manage to carve out the time to strike a very healthy balance between work and play.

It has been three months since I joined and I am indeed proud to be part of Singapore’s newest medical school and am looking forward to a fulfilling career at LKCMedicine.