October 2018 | Issue 38
The New MedSoc 2018/2019 committee steps up

Gabriel Tan.jpgBy Gabriel Tan, Year 4, President, LKCMedSoc

From L-R: Ng Ding Yi (Year 2) Programmes/Events Director, Kannan Ramanathan (Year 4) Welfare Director, Ong Kim Yao (Year 4) Vice-President, Gabriel Tan (Year 4) President, Angela Tham (Year 2) Secretary, Low Wei Yang (Year 2) Treasurer

On behalf of the team that is the 6th LKCMedSoc (LKCMedicine Students’ Medical Society) ExCo, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve you in the upcoming academic year. It is a privilege to follow in the footsteps of the 5th LKCMedSoc ExCo, Sub-Committees, Year Reps and House Reps that went before us. 

The journey of a medical student is always regarded as one that is exhilarating, emotional and exhausting. The five years of medical school — and the students who enthusiastically partake in it — demand a great deal of support. This forms my firm belief in the purpose of LKCMedSoc and the need for strong student leadership.

At this point, I would like to introduce my team: Ong Kim Yao (Year 4) as Vice President, Angela Tham (Year 2) as Secretary, Low Wei Yang (Year 2) as Treasurer, Ng Ding Yi (Year 2) as Programmes Director, and Kannan Ramanathan (Year 4) as Welfare Director. 

LKCMedSoc’s raison d’être has always been about enhancing student life. This includes meeting the needs of students, promoting academic as well as non-academic interests, and building bridges with local and overseas institutions. This was and will remain steadfastly so.

This year, we will focus our efforts in four main areas: consolidation, improvement, engagement, and bonding.

In the spirit of efficiency, we hope to consolidate the efforts of past batches by putting together a library of knowledge that can be referred to, in order to write a proposal for an event for instance. 

The best organisations, including those that are student-led, are ones which respond to change and adapt quickly. To do that, we feel that organisational learning and a culture of constantly seeking improvement are essential to adopt. Building habits such as regular reflective practices and internal feedback would help us do just that.

Engaging students is fundamental to LKCMedSoc and we realise the need to return to our roots. Improving feedback mechanisms and fostering a culture of transparency about what we do among students are important to us.

We believe that what makes LKCMedSoc unique is a strong culture of family. Building on current events and creating new events that encourage students across different batches to interact and learn from one another are thus key parts of our plan.

It is these four tenets that we believe will build a better LKCMedSoc, and equally importantly, set a strong and firm footing for future batches to build upon and expand.