April 2014 | ISSUE 11
The future of healthcare by LKCMedicine

By Nicole Lim
Editor, The LKCMedicine

Sitting in an overcrowded GP clinic feeling feverish, raked with body aches and convulsively shivering is no one’s idea of a picnic. Yet, most of us have spent hours in such discomfort waiting to get a Medical Certificate (MC).

But imagine a day when you can tele-consult your doctor to get an MC from the comfort of your own home. Heck, your own bed!

As a patient, that’s my hope for the future of healthcare. A world where I can log on, key in relevant vital signs and symptoms, such as temperature, and tele-consult my doctor. After the consult, my MC is e-issued directly to my employer. Or if it is for a chronic illness, I could have my repeat prescription sent directly to my pharmacy of choice for either home delivery or self-pick up the next day.

Only if my medical needs are more complex, would I have to make an appointment to see the doctor. When I meet the doctor face-to-face, he would have time to talk to me and explain what’s wrong with me – not rush me through an unexpected diagnosis while waving the surgical consent form under my nose.

Joining me in some crystal ball gazing are members of faculty who offer their visions of the future of healthcare and the future doctor-patient relationship.

Also in this issue: our students report back from their first outreach trip to Batam and give us a sneak peek behind the curtains as preparations for the first IntroDOCtion are underway; as well as a roundup of the latest research and curriculum news, all right here.

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