April 2017 | Issue 29
Highlights of the Clinical Sciences Building

The 20-storey Clinical Sciences Building (CSB) is located at the heart of HealthCity Novena. With levels dedicated to learning, discovery and recreation, CSB has something for everyone. Together with the heritage Headquarters (HQ) Building, CSB forms LKCMedicine’s Novena campus at 11, Mandalay Road.


​Level 1
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Green Wall                                                   Plaza

​The elevated Plaza frames the HQ building. The space is an integration of open plazas, courtyards and terraces.

​Level 4

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“We didn’t have an auditorium of our own. Now that we do, it’s very convenient to hold major events like the inaugural LKCMedicine Anatomy Challenge, a student-run event held in April this year.”
- Kavya Sivakumar, Class of 2021

​Level 5

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 Learning Studio

“I enjoy having Team-Based Learning in the Learning Studio as it is spacious and constructive for discussion and teamwork. The surrounding view of Novena is also really nice to look at!”
-Nicolas Khairul Bureau, Class of 2020

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  Practical Skills Lab                                 Simulated Ward

“The Practical Skills Lab and Simulated Ward, well-equipped with essential clinical materials and practice manikins, are great places where we can have more hands-on practice to gain confidence and competency in the important practical skills we need as a doctor.”
- Ang Jia Wei, Class of 2018

Level 6

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  Communication Suite

“At the Communication Suite, we get to interact with simulated patients in a realistic environment. This allows us to hone our clinical communication skills, giving us the confidence to approach real patients in the future.”
- Rebekah Lee, Class of 2019

Level 7

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  Anatomy Learning Centre

“The Anatomy Learning Centre contains many alcoves where small groups of students can view an anatomy specimen or a histology slide and learn about clinical imaging techniques. I like it as it means better learning with smaller student groups around larger spaces.”
-P S Pandiyan, Class of 2021

​Level 8

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  House Rooms

“The House Rooms are really versatile; some of us use them to gather for meetings, or just to hang out with friends; some use them to study, and some (like me) use them for a well-needed nap during lunchtime!”
- Sophia Wong, Class of 2019

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"I really like the gym as I can easily go for a run or lift some weights during lunch or after work.”
- Sufian Bin Suderman, Senior Executive, Research Administration & Support Services

Level 10​ ​IMG_9957 (Custom).JPG
  Collaboration Space for Researchers

"The Collaboration Space in CSB provides a stimulating, high-quality and spacious environment for us to do the research aimed to benefit patients."
- Assistant Professor of Molecular Medicine Sanjay Chotirmall

Level 10
to 19
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 Research Labs and Centres

"The state-of-the-art laboratories radiate a pleasant and stimulating research atmosphere. Together with  access to several technical platforms, they create an enabling environment for leading-edge pre-clinical and patient-oriented research."
- Professor of Metabolic Disease Walter Wahli

​Level 20

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 Medical Library                                             Library Rotunda

“The library is spacious and the open concept makes it very conducive to study. A wide range of updated medical books is available for our reference and the beautiful view of Novena makes the library extremely attractive.”
- Brenton Sio, Class of 2018