June 2017 | Issue 30


A night of unforgettable talents

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By Au Shu Ting, Class of 2020 and PB&J 2017 Organising Committee Head, and
Adriel Kek, Class of 2020 and LKCMedSoc Arts & Culture Head

Flourishing his skipping rope in a last trick, Year 1 student Teng Yee Sean’s dazzling performance wasn’t over yet as he delighted the cheering audience by breaking into dance. Multicoloured balloons bounced off the cheering students and faculty in the audience. It was one of the most spectacular performances at this year’s Peanut Butter & Jam (PB&J).

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L-R:Teng Yee Sean performs skipping rope tricks, before breaking into dance; students pose with the balloon arch that later bounced off the cheering audience 

Held on 13 April in the Clinical Sciences Building Auditorium, PB&J saw many students coming together in bands, dance groups and even solos to showcase their multiple talents to the rest of LKCMedicine. Students as well as faculty attended the event, excited as it was the last official Arts and Culture event for the year, before they had to face the realities of exam prep. Many came to support their friends who had put in much time and effort over the past few months, rehearsing amazing performances for their batchmates, juniors and seniors.

The event ran smoothly with minimal glitches with the help of the student committee and LKCMedicine technical staff. The student emcees, despite having no prior emcee experience, were crucial in ensuring the smooth flow of performances, helping to entertain the crowd whenever small glitches stalled proceedings. The decoration of the venue also helped to add to the ethereal feel of the night, with fairy lights draped along the stage and aisles, and even a balloon arch handmade by students, where performers and audience alike took photos to commemorate the eventful night.

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From singing to dancing, LKCMedicine students give it their all in the talent show

The lineup of performances this year was much more varied than the past years, including more dance groups and even Yee Sean’s skipping performance. However, old but gold performances such as acapella songs by MedLee, beatbox and looping performance by Year 2 student Bryan Ang and Year 1 student Andrew Yap, and much loved solos or duets such as Year 2 student Shaun Steiger’s and Year 4 students Delwyn Lim and Lim Weishan’s performances also lit up the night, with the audience swaying and singing along to the songs.

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Staff and faculty join in the fun, showcasing their talents to the excited audience

This year also marked the first year the event was held at the new Auditorium, which boasts a larger stage as well as more than double the seating space of the Lecture Theatre at the Headquarters building, where past PB&J events were held. While the Auditorium is larger and newer, it still captured the homely feel of past years’ PB&Js. With the increasing size of the School’s student population, we were also able to more comfortably fit the large number of students and staff into the Auditorium.

The Arts and Culture committee sincerely hopes that the art scene at LKCMedicine can continue to flourish, and that PB&J may continue to remain a safe platform for students to showcase their talents or simply step out of their comfort zone to participate in performances they would not dare to anywhere else.