December 2016 | Issue 27
It's a time for caring and sharing

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By Nicole Lim, The LKCMedicine Editor

Welcome to the final issue of 2016! While classes are winding down for the December break, LKCMedicine staff and faculty are in the midst of moving into the Clinical Sciences Building, an eagerly awaited milestone that the School celebrated last month, so that classes can start in the new building from 2017!

In this issue, we take a closer look at what students get out of the Long-Term Patient Project, an experiential learning opportunity that forms a part in how the School prepares its students for tomorrow’s healthcare challenges. Hand-in-hand with that, one of our Year 4 students shares his thoughts on being taught how to perform ultrasound scans in the early years, something he only began to truly appreciate in his clinical years.

We also meet some of our newest faculty – Nanyang Visiting Professor and Nobel Laureate Barry Marshall and Nanyang Assistant Professor Hiroshi Makino.

As always, we have a roundup of the latest news and happenings and find out from our students what goes into making an Overseas Community Involvement Project.

Happy holidays!

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