December 2017 | Issue 33
Marie Curie House off to an early lead in house cup fight

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By Joshua Foo, Class of 2021

The rain ceased and clouds lightened as LKCMedicine students and House Tutors made their way to the Lower Fields at the NTU main campus on 8 November for the first instalment of the annual Inter-House Cup competition, Sports Day.

The first round in this highly-anticipated event of games featured Dodgeball and Frisbee, while Soccer and Captain’s Ball made up the second round.

The first half of the afternoon saw students from every House playing their hearts out as soon as the first whistle blew, throwing dodgeballs at each other and flying high to catch discs. In every match, the small teams of seven per side showed off their passion and teamwork. Though the competition was tough, it was inclusive and extremely friendly even to students who were playing that sport for the first time. A bouncy castle set up on the sidelines was much enjoyed in between games.

STUDENTS - interhouse sports 5.jpgSTUDENTS - interhouse sports.jpg
Houses face off in Dodgeball and Frisbee during round one

At the end of the first round, Wu Lien Teh and Marie Curie held a slim lead over the other three houses. After a pick-me-up, a brief rest and photo taking, the participants’ spirits were rejuvenated as they went into the next round of games.

The rounds of Soccer and Captain’s ball saw the teams eagerly defend their goals and work as a team to score points. For the first time, Captain’s ball was played with a rugby ball, which added challenge as well as excitement. It was heartening to see the students and even some of the House Tutors enjoying themselves during the games.

STUDENTS - interhouse sports 2.jpgSTUDENTS - interhouse sports 6.jpg
A rugby ball adds a twist to Captain's ball

Sports Day also presented everyone with the opportunity to catch up and forge new bonds. At the end of a gruelling but fulfilling day, Marie Curie House emerged as overall champion, securing an early championship lead. But will they be able to hold on through the whole Inter-House Cup competition? We’ll find out in the next event, Mania, coming up in January 2018.