June 2013| ISSUE 6
Developing LKCMedicine’s eLearning Materials

By Dr Mike Barrett

Much work has gone into producing eLearning materials so as to ensure that they are of the highest quality. To date, some 88 senior Imperial faculty members have been involved in developing the content.

Focus groups comprising Year 1 and Graduate Entry students help to identify difficult concept areas so that content is now better explained and not over-simplified. A small academic team, including student helpers, assessed whether the outcomes are appropriate and achievable.

After any necessary revisions by the content expert set to narrate the content, the PowerPoint files were formatted in accordance to the LKCMedicine brand guidelines.


From left to right: Recording a narration, editing audio files

Presentations were recorded with natural breaks, allowing for easier subsequent editing and to allow, at a later date, inclusion of online questions if required. Post-recording editing and enhancement tools were used to improve the recordings. The recordings were also monitored closely and reviewed by staff.

Students stress-testing TBL

Individual Readiness Assuarance (IRA) and Team Readiness Assuarance (TRA) Questions were written by content experts with assistance from senior students, including graduates. Application Exercises (AE’s) were written by academic leads in Singapore. Content (e-materials, IRA/TRA and AE) was stress-tested by Year 1 students in London who commented on the high quality and relevance of materials.

TBL Elevator “speeches” were recorded in Singapore by course leads so as to provide a structural link to any previous TBL session. This acts as a brief introduction to the general aspects of the narrations for the current session which provide clues that link the topics delivered within the TBL session.

Overall, the quality assurance process is much more extensive than the usual standards in most University lecture-based courses. The files will then be transferred to LKCMedicine for hosting on the local system.
The final product is an enhanced and contextualised version of the highly regarded Imperial College curriculum, fit for digital natives.